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Connecting with the Middle East and Africa telecom markets

MEA Connect was founded to assist companies to connect with and grow in the Middle East and African ICT markets. With massive experience in selling solutions, networks, hardware, software, SaaS, IoT in general and into the MEA market in particular, MEA Connect removes the barriers from accessing the market and enables new revenue possibilities from a very dynamic market.


Outsourced sales


Increase sales with limited risk

A client company which not yet have enough volume to justify a full headcount in the region can let MEA Connect address this by enabling the client to use part time of a sales resource.
Typical cases are clients with niche products and solutions that makes it hard to justify a full resource or clients that have just entered the MEA market and not yet have the sales volume to justify a full headcount.
This enables the client to start addressing the MEA telecom market without the whole cost of a full headcount and with shared cost for travel expenses. As the business scales up, the client can increase the headcount allocation. If the business justifies a full headcount, the client can hire its own headcount and MEA Connect can during a transition period assist with market training and introduction or MEA Connect continue being the client’s representative with a suitable level of headcount(s).


Test a new market

MEA Connect enables clients to test the viability of entering the MEA market without taking the risk and the full investment in time, effort and money which comes with establishing its own presence directly.
By utilizing MEA Connect the client can evaluate the market for its products and services with low risk. Typically, a 3 - 12 months period is agreed where MEA Connect handles the sales activities in the market. This removes the barriers of on-boarding sales resources with competence to sell in the MEA telecom market and let the client start up sales in the region with very short lead time. It also gives the client a low risk exit should the evaluation show that the region is not fitting the solutions, price or delivery models.
If the evaluation is successful, MEA Connect can assist in setting up headcounts for the client with market training and introduction or MEA Connect continue being the client’s representative with a suitable level of headcount(s).

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Connecting with the market

Customer Meeting


Sales representative with broad technical knowledge and extensive MEA market knowledge. Already connected with major fixed and mobile operators across the region. Quick start up and delivery of results.
Support with selecting and managing distribution and local sales channels and integrators if that is suitable for the business.

Local office


MEA Connect enables clients with local presence with regional phone number and office address. Clients can show their customers that they have commitment to the MEA market and knowledge and resources are local.



MEA Connect can represent clients at important events such as industry trade shows and conferences and other events. We know which events that are important and can yield results for your sales and can advise.

Market Analysis


At MEA Connect we have extensive knowledge of the telecom market in Middle East and Africa. We have worked with the majority of the fixed and mobile operators across the region and continue to do so on a daily basis. We also keep track of regulatory and political changes across the various countries and markets.
We can assist with market knowledge, investigate new business opportunities and provide market feedback on products and pricing.

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Dubai, UAE

+971 50 550 1365

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